Bob qualified as a primary school teacher in 2002 after completing his Post-Graduate Certificate of Education at the College of St Mark and St John. After being a classroom based teacher (as well as P.E co-ordinator) for ten years, Bob is now a full-time P.E teacher across five Academy schools. 

Bob is renowned for his alternative approach to teaching, particularly the way he incorporates physical activity into subjects other than P.E. During every lesson, children have a five minute activity break outside, before returning to the lesson. The improvements in concentration among the children (and Bob!) are noticeable. As a P.E specialist, every school Bob has taught at have excelled at sport, both in participation rates and achievements. One OFSTED inspector regarded the P.E as ‘the best he had ever seen.’

Bob finds the time (and energy) to run 15 sports clubs per week (5 before school, 5 at lunchtime and another 5 after-school). He believes in giving children as many opportunities to be physically fit and also to excel in their chosen sport. At his current school he started a Triathlon Academy which was the first of its kind in the country.

Bob speaks articulately and passionately about how important he feels sport is in the school curriculum, and how sport can be used to inspire, motivate and change the lives of children. He has spoken at numerous Head Teacher conferences nationally and locally at School Sport Partnership Conferences.


“Absolutely inspirational.”
(Head Teacher, Head Teacher’s Conference, Birmingham)

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