My approach on a lot of things has often been very different. All I can do is offer you my own personal perspective, and then leave you to make your own decisions. I have always found on continental races that my normal habits with regards to nutrition go completely out the window. During challenges like the Trans-Australia Cycle Race I have always listened to my body. That (in my opinion) is vital. My body has always craved predominantly fatty foods and sugary foods & drinks.

In everyday life I eat very healthily. That all goes out of the window in a challenge like this. No longer do I eat salad, fruit, veg, pasta and limit my fat intake. Instead I crave burgers, chips, nachos, crisps, chocolate, sweets, Coke and other sugary drinks. For the 71 days it took me to run across America, I am ashamed to say I didn’t eat one piece of fruit. That was I was listening very carefully to what my body needed. And what my body needed (and what it craved) were very fatty foods and highly calorific sugary food and drinks.
My greatest piece of advice: listen to your body. It is normally right.