Info for Unsupported Athletes

BobBrownEndurance will supply unsupported riders with the following:

• Entry into the inaugural Tran-Australia Cycle Race

• Monthly newsletter by email

• Email support with training, queries &  logistics

• Free Pasta Party Ticket

• Free Awards Party ticket

• Engraved finishers medal

• Engraved finishers trophy

• Race hoodie

• Race T-shirt

• Friendly, knowledgeable & committed staff

• The experience of a lifetime & bragging rights forever

Supported or Unsupported - what is the best option for me?

Supported athletes will get a fully-inclusive package. From the time you arrive in Perth, to the time you reach Sydney, you will be totally looked after. Bike maintenance, accommodation, breakfast, aid stations during each stage, either dinner provided or a dinner voucher in a restaurant. However, there will only be one vehicle to patrol all supported riders during each days’ stage. There might be a delay if there is a major mechanical problem, as we cannot support all supported riders all of the time. Please be aware of this. Obviously, unsupported athletes will have a support crew totally dedicated to solely looking after their own rider (unless sharing a motor home). Going unsupported allows a greater degree of flexibility also means more attention to individual needs. It is obviously also more expensive 

Motorhome sharing

When I ran across Australia in 2001, to save money, I decided to share a motor home with two other runners. Though a bit (very) cramped, it worked extremely well. Unfortunately, one of the runners, Dave, abandoned on day 11, leaving myself and my friend Paul sharing (together with our respective support crews). It worked out very well. Maybe some of that was down to the fact that I knew Paul  for many years prior to the race. There were some tensions, but on the whole it was an excellent arrangement because it meant we had only one motorhome instead of three (we split the cost of the hire between myself, Paul and Dave), so our hire costs were split in three.

In 2004, when I ran across America, I tried to do the same thing (sharing a car this time rather than a motorhome), but that arrangement didn’t work out well at all.

If you want to save money by sharing a motorhome, think carefully about who you are sharing with. Most people will get on with each other, but some will not. It is worth considering, as you and your crew will be sharing a month of your lives together.

If you would like to consider sharing motorhomes with another rider, then please do Email me at  and I will put you in contact with other riders who have expressed a similar concern.