First Aid Kit

Cycling across Australia is potentially dangerous. Treat it as dangerous. Respect the challenge. Whilst we will endeavour to give you as much assistance as we can, please try and help yourself by coming prepared. Any serious incident (which hopefully won’t happen) will be dealt with by the emergency services. For advice on likely minor ailments please read the following:

Try to take any vitamin supplements, iron tablets etc that you normally take. When tired, it is easy to forget to take them but they will help (particularly if your diet becomes less healthy than normal life – as often happens in a continental challenge

Sudocrem might become your best friend. Better known as nappy crème, as a cyclist it has saved me many times. Without being crude, it will need to be applied to the crotch area regularly throughout the race to help with chafing. Believe me, chafing is excruciating. Sudocrem is by far and away the best way to help dealing with saddle sore problems.

Stock yourself with a basic first aid kit (at the minimum). More the better. 

If you are on medication, please ensure that you have enough to last for the duration of the adventure. Please make sure you inform us of any health issue you (or your support team) might have.

The sun is very strong that time of year in Australia. Make sure you apply high-factor sun crème regularly. 

Lip balm is vital (and I talk from personal experience). During the Trans-Australia running race in 2001, I forgot to apply lip balm one morning for maybe ninety minutes before I realised. For the rest of the race my lips were a horrific, bloodied and blistered mess which gave me horrific pain. As I write this in 2015, my lips are still very sensitive to even moderate heat. The last few weeks have seen only twenty degree heat for a sustained period, but despite the quite low temperature my lips are blistered and sore. The reason: that ninety minutes during the run across Australia when I forgot to put my lip balm on.