Road To Deca

Bob’s first autobiography (written in 1998) charts his life as an athlete, from coming last in his first ever running race as a boy to his progress to a world class ultra-triathlete, culminating in his preparations for the world’s longest triathlon (the Deca-triathlon) which involves a 24 mile swim followed by a 1120 mile bike ride before running ten back-to-back marathons (262 miles). 

Read how Bob steadily becomes more and more addicted to hard core training methods and even more extreme races, before finally, the Deca, a race that nearly killed him. Published with no website or marketing, the book has become much-sort after amongst athletes.

Last 50 copies remaining  – personally signed by Bob


“As the book goes on, Bob gets more and more extreme in his training and racing. His desire to inflict suffering on himself is both enthralling and frightening.”
(Jodi Tipton, Forster, New South Wales, Australia)


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