Hi. Welcome!

My name is Bob Brown. I was a long-distance runner and triathlete who competed in Double and Triple Ironman races, twice coming 2nd in the World Championships. In a Deca-Ironman (24 mile swim, 1120 mile cycle & a 262 mile run) in Mexico,I broke the old world record by 9 hours.

I was the first Briton to run across Australia in 2001, before winning the 2004 Run across the U.S.A race and setting a world best for running across the European Union in 2005. I have spent the last ten years as a primary school teacher, translating my passion for sport into the children, and whatever school I have taught at, we have become renowned for sporting excellence. I would now like to share my expertise and experiences with you.

Best Wishes,

Bob Brown (Cornwall, England)