Physical Education

Since he has become a teacher, Bob has gained a huge reputation, at whatever school he has taught, into developing the profile of P.E and achieving outstanding success competitively. As a life-long passionate sportsman, he has transferred his considerable energy into promoting sport, physical activity and competition into primary schools. 

Bob believes that not only does sport enhance physical fitness, but also concentration levels in class. More importantly, by introducing a love of sport at an early age, children are far more likely to still be exercising as adults.
  • One day consultancy with P.E co-ordinator 
  • Gymnastic Staff INSETs 
  • Orienteering Staff INSETs 
  • Teaching P.E at your school -Making the most of your P.E Premium money (P.E.P) 
One day consultancy with P.E co-ordinator 

Bob will sit down with the P.E co-ordinator and discuss the curriculum, extra-curricular clubs, competitive sporting opportunities for children, how to tick all the OFSTED boxes, monitoring, assessment, how to incorporate more PE into the curriculum and also how to make the most of the P.E.P. 

Gymnastic Staff INSETs

Only available for Primary Schools in Cornwall & Devon
Traditionally, a lot of teachers are very under confident teaching Gymnastics. Bob will provide an informative and practical INSET for all staff at your school, offering useful advice on the planning and delivery of lessons, as well as practical advice on safely assisting children to perform gymnastic movements. 

Orienteering Staff INSETs

Only available for Primary Schools in Cornwall & Devon
A highly practical INSET explaining different ways of incorporating Orienteering into not just the P.E curriculum, but also into other subjects. For example, one lesson each week in Numeracy, could involve after the teacher input, finding checkpoints placed all around the school grounds. At each checkpoint children have to answer differentiated questions before moving onto the next checkpoint. There are numerous permutations to orienteering, to suit all ages, and I will explain each of these, as well as handing out useful resources.

“I love maths on a Friday because we do Orienteering instead of doing any work in Maths.” *
(Year 5 Boy)
*This particular boy used to struggle to do any work at all in his Maths book. Every Friday he would complete the Orienteering circuit (one week he even won) which involved answering 15 maths sums!

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